Let your users withdraw their fiat into crypto

Process payments and withdrawals from fiat into cryptocurrency, all within your platform

Enjoy enhanced payment capabilities 

Send payments to your users and unlock new markets

No crypto exposure or experience needed 

We handle the fiat to crypto exchange process for you, so you never hold any crypto or have any price exposure 

Customizable reporting 

Reports and summaries your accountant will love, all reporting and settlements are done in fiat currency

Full compliance 

Let us take on your regulatory burden with full licensing and structures that work for compliance-heavy industries

Frictionless setup

Our API is easy to integrate with, you’ll be up and running quickly

KYC, AML and Travel-Rule? compliance

Reduce your regulatory burden when you integrate with SendMeCrypto. We handle all compliance obligations, even for the most complicated industries and markets. Unlock new customers in your market.

No service charges or fees for the merchants

It won’t cost your business a thing to convert fiat into crypto and send crypto payments.

Introduce a new revenue stream to your business

Earn revenue every time a customer converts fiat to cryptocurrency. It couldn't be simpler.

Reach millions of new users

Customers spent $10’s of billions on goods and services at consumer-facing businesses last year. Gain more users, even in previously hard-to-access countries, with borderless currency solutions.

27 Mil+
Americans hold cryptocurrency
In crypto assets globally
New customers for your business
Business transactions

One plugin to give your users the feeling of freedom and choice

     allow="accelerometer; autoplay; camera; gyroscope; payment"

Install with only a few lines of code

SendMeCrypto only takes a few minutes to install. Our turnkey integration seamlessly embeds into your existing interface, offering your customers a smooth and consistent experience.

The lightning network

Send Bitcoin.
Lightning fast ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Cheaper fees

Users pay less than a fraction of a cent in transaction fees

Galactic level scalability

Send micropayments, mammoth payments or anything in between

Reach a new audience

Reach millions of people using crypto for daily transactions

Who is it for?

If you send payments or offer user-initiated payments, we’re for you. Offer your users instant, 24/7 fiat to crypto payments and withdrawals.

Ready to get started?

Join the cryptocurrency revolution, today.