People want to be paid in crypto. We’re making it happen.

The team at SendMeCrypto discovered that people around the world wanted to be paid in cryptocurrency but were stuck getting paid in fiat. Crypto just made more sense for them—it was faster, cheaper and allowed them to do whatever they wanted with their money. Fiat was too slow and too expensive. But, the organizations they were receiving money from didn’t have the infrastructure to send out crypto payments.

Our vision is that we’re making it as easy as possible for companies of all sizes to give their customers, affiliates or employees the option to receive their money in cryptocurrency. Our goal is to make cryptocurrency adoption as seamless as possible for senders and receivers around the world.

SendMeCrypto is a part of the Madali Ventures ecosystem. Madali Ventures helps increase the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide and provide our commercial customers with cryptocurrency strategies. Madali Ventures has entered into a letter of intent for a qualifying transaction to trade on the TSX-V.

One plugin is all it takes to give your users the feeling of freedom and choice


Mitchell Demeter
CEO & President

Mitchell served as President of Netcoins for 4 years, a leading Canadian online cryptocurrency brokerage wholly owned by BIGG Digital Assets (CSE:BIGG) where he sat as a Director. Mitchell is an industry veteran, bringing the world its first Bitcoin ATM and first physical Bitcoin brokerage in 2013. Mitchell also serves on the Board of Directors of Neptune Digital Assets (TSXV:NDA)
Kalle Radage
Corporate Strategy and Director

Kalle Radage is a tech entrepreneur in financial technology. Kalle is the COO & CFO of Neptune Digital Assets and chairman of Canadian payment processor, Clearly Payments. Previously, Kalle has worked at high tech companies like Oracle and was a venture capitalist.
Bea Yua

Ben has a strong finance background as a CPA/CA with a strong experience in tech and payments while starting his career at KPMG.
Ryan Mueller
VP of Risk

Ryan is focused on risk management, compliance, fraud investigation, and AML/CTF space in Canada for over 18 years.
Pavel Dolzhenko
VP of Product

Pavel founded and launched Graaf One, Canada’s first Lightning Network brokerage in 2018. Pavel aims to utilize cutting edge technologies such as the lightning network, to reduce friction in the remittance industry and global payments while providing a smoother and more intuitive user experience for everyone.
Shawn Moss
VP of Corporate Development and Operations

Shawn has a strong background in operations and business incubation and was one of the largest bitcoin miners in the world in 2013. Prior to Madali Ventures, he worked for a prominent business figure in Canada where he incubated businesses internally and evaluated investments.
Rick Ocean
VP of Business Development and Partnerships

A Retail, Tech and CPG entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in business management, sales and product development, marketing initiatives and branding. Rick is a founding partner of Vancouver based start-up turned international retailer Body Energy Club, an Online, Direct to Consumer and Brick and Mortar marketplace.

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