Payments Companies

Businesses that need to send payments can easily incorporate crypto payments within their operations

Funds Are Transferred Simply and Easily

Transactions that take days to process and receive are a thing of the past. SendMeCrypto allows fast payments that are essentially free.

Minimal Impact To Your Operations Makes It Easy

A simple plugin allows you to easily integrate crypto payouts into your operations. There is no crypto experience necessary. We handle all sending, receiving, storing, and key management.

“Cryptocurrency has changed the game. Payments can be received instantly at the fraction of the cost with SendMeCrypto.”

Your Accounting Stays The Same Making Life Simple

Your accounting doesn’t change because all summaries and reporting can be done in your home currency. SendMeCrypto handles all the conversions of crypto within its platform.

Enable Crypto Payments Without Building The Infrastructure

SendMeCrypto takes care of the crypto technology stack so you can focus on your business. This helps you innovate without the risk.

Enjoy enhanced payment capabilities 

Send payments to your users and unlock new markets

No crypto exposure or experience needed 

We handle the fiat to crypto exchange process for you, so you never hold any crypto or have any price exposure 

Customizable reporting 

Reports and summaries your accountant will love, all reporting and settlements are done in fiat currency

Full compliance 

Let us take on your regulatory burden with full licensing and structures that work for compliance-heavy industries

Frictionless setup

Our API is easy to integrate with, you’ll be up and running quickly

Ready to integrate crypto into your payments business?

Join industry leading businesses growing from global cryptocurrency adoption.